Building On a Strong Foundation


RCWP Team Members

The team that makes the Residential Construction Workforce Partnership (RCWP) tick includes members of the Rhode Island
Builders Association’s Education and Workforce Development Committee and RCWP staffers, along with many instructors.
Among those making it happen when it comes to preparing our future workforce are, from left, Ronald J. Caniglia, chairman of
the Education and Workforce Development Committee; Louis Cotoia Jr. of Arnold Lumber Co. and key member of the committee;
and staffers: RIBA Director of Workforce Programs Cheryl Boyd; RIBA Diversity Outreach and Education Coordinator Betty
Bernal; Workforce Program Coordinator Dawn Avellar; Workforce Program Facilities Coordinator Ricardo Rivera; Lori Lanni Administrative Support; and Yer Kue Workforce Programs Assistant.

RCWP instructors are drawn from experienced contractor members of the Rhode Island Builders Association, as well as from the
ranks of local code officials and representatives of manufacturers of the various products trainees will use the most during their
residential construction careers.  

More instructors are needed for the expanding RCWP programs! If you are an experienced professional in carpentry, electrical or
plumbing and want to help yourself by helping the residential construction industry train a great future workforce, contact us today.