Community based partnerships enhance RCWP’s outreach


Vocational English as a Second Language (VESL) Basic Carpentry Students show off one of their many carpentry projects.

RCWP Outreach

Community-based partnerships enhance RCWP’s outreach, enrollment, recruitment, and professional development in the diverse communities we serve. Our team is in the community, building relationships and promoting awareness of the adult education and training we provide that is made possible by grant funding, in-kind donations, and the contributions we are fortunate to receive. We are not only able to offer residential construction career training programs at no cost to participants, but we also provide technical assistance and deliver it in a manner that values and respects the diversity of our students.

Help Grow & Manage Small Businesses

RCWP recognized that one of the most significant barriers, primarily due to language faced by Latino Contractors and workers, is the lack of knowledge on how to navigate the regulatory systems related to the residential construction industry, from contractor registration, required insurances, permits, licenses, etc.,

Together, RCWP and the Rhode Island Builders Association (RIBA) have the knowledge, technical assistance, education, and capability to help new contractors, particularly Latinos, comply with current regulations.

Our outreach efforts allow contractors to build and nurture new opportunities, including valuable connections between existing contractors and the array of benefits and services that RIBA provides entrepreneurs to grow, manage, and succeed in their small businesses.

 26-Week Pre-Apprentice Carpentry Students prepare for careers and entrepreneurship in Residential Construction.