Building On a Strong Foundation


Who We Are

The Residential Construction Workforce Partnership (RCWP) is a charitable training and educational organization with a mission to provide residential construction trade training for those interested in a career in the shelter industry. Our goal is to serve employers and the educational needs of the State of Rhode Island by recruiting from and training its diverse populations with not just job opportunities but also to empower them toward a well-respected, financially stable, entrepreneurial career.


We deliver adult education and training made possible by grant funding, in-kind donations, and contributions to provide participants need-based skills built on local demand and industry-recognized credentials. We teach employability skills to meet the expectations of employers who want trainees with the confidence and ability to walk on the jobsite ready to work on day one.

Job Assistance

Our construction career training participants and recent graduates are actively seeking employment, and you will find their resumes on the jobs bank.

Are you looking for a job in the residential construction industry, or are you an employer looking to hire? In that case, is Rhode Island’s no-cost industry-specific residential construction job portal made just for you, no matter which position you are looking to fill.

Youth Engagement Program

Youth Engagment

Did you know that RCWP started with youth engagement back in 2015 and are still going strong today?
Youth Engagement Program

Work-Based Learning and Building a Pipeline

With declining numbers of Rhode Island students showing interest in the construction trades, RCWP and its dedicated team of leaders realized an opportunity to reach out to the community, parents, students, and school administrators with a mission, “make the trades cool again!”