As trade training classes continue to expand through the Residential Construction Workforce Partnership (RCWP), students are being placed in jobs and are eager to work!

RCWP offers intensive, 26-week programs in carpentry, electrical, plumbing and, now, weatherization. Classes are free of charge for students and employers, thanks to the Real Jobs Rhode Island program. Students graduate with their OSHA-10 certification and HBI pre-apprentice certificates.

“Our students are a welcome addition to the RCWP, RIBA, and BIG Family. Our team embraces, encourages and assists everyone to reach their goals, students and employers alike!” says Director of Workforce Programs Cheryl Boyd.

Here’s one comment from a graduate: “Wanted to update you on the job search! I met with an employer today and was offered a job, which I will be accepting! I am *VERY* excited to start this career. Thank you very much for the opportunity, time, and energy you and everyone else at RCWP and RIBA has offered me, I could not be in this position without any of y’all.”

Another graduate writes: “I had a great first day today! Very thrilled to have a job in the industry and have a chance to learn from professionals!” And still another graduate expresses her enthusiasm: “I just wanted to let you know how much your program helped my career. I’m currently working for a property management company in Providence, where I perform all types of repairs before new tenants move in or if a problems occurs while there living.

there…. I was hoping to keep building my experience and apply for HVAC or electrical in September and continue my education with RCWP and RIBA!” The next comment comes from a student who attended the Employability Session, which is part of our curriculum for all training programs:

“It’s just to say thank you for the meeting last night, it was very well instructed and very good information. I took a lot from that meeting, and I know it will help me when interviewing for a job!” Companies looking to hire should reach out to Dawn Avellar, or call (401) 438-7411 Ext. 306 or visit to post a job or find an employee. It’s free to open an account on the site!